Smart List for Tags & Today



I have a smart list setup that I would like to use for my daily home & work life, I'm hoping that some recurring tasks will populate the list automatically. And then for other tasks, I add the correct tag to them and they automatically gets added to my smart list.

The aim - I would like it just to show the tasks with the correct tags on the current day (today).

I set the filters to #tag1 OR #tag2 OR #tag3 AND schedule today... and it shows tasks with the correct date and the tag.

The problem is, it also shows tomorrows tasks.... How can I exclude future tasks? I don't really understand why it is showing them anyway.

Looking forward to some help!


Hi @susanna, thanks for the feedback. It seems like you've made the filter the right way and tasks on the future should not show normally. Would you give me screenshot of the filter setting on that smart list?

Also do you use start dates? It might be causing those future tasks to be in the range of today.