Smart list ideas

I would love some suggestions of smart lists people are using, and how you guys made them as to get some ideas for myself

Undue: Items with no due date, which means I need to triage those or they will be forgotten forever

I do this too but mines called Someday

I’ve set up a Quick Action that rotates through the tags #next#later#sometime or other → #waiting#maybe someday

Then I created a set of smart lists with those names, so I can easily move tasks between the smart lists with the quick action button when I create or open a task.

The other set of Quick actions and smart lists I use the most is duration estimate tags. So I have a Quick Action button that toggles through the tags: #5-15 min → #15-45 min → #45-75 min→ #1.25-2 hrs→ #>2 hrs. And a set of corresponding Smart lists, so when I find myself waiting for something else, I pull up the smart list with tasks that will take approximately the amount of time I have to wait, and choose one.

I also use smartlists to aggregate tasks from several other lists. So, in the viewing pane for your lists, you can re-arrange them into whatever order you want, and put spacers between each set of lists, so you can collapse or expand a set of lists. I have a set of lists for personal items and another set of lists for work.
And at the top of my set of lists for personal items, I have a smartlist that shows all items on any list I consider personal. And the same for work.

Another option I love is making a smartlist for an upcoming event or project. So my “real” lists are what I use for what I consider to be permanent categories, or lists that I need to share with other Reminders users. And the upcoming event or projects are smartlists that I can change or delete without affecting my larger, more permanent categories.

I use smartlists for type of tasks, too. So for example I have a “Calls and Correspondence” smartlist that draws from both my personal and work related lists, and includes any task with the words call, contact, message, send, mail, email, invoice, skype, zoom, facetime, text, respond, follow up, ask, announcement, etc.

And another smartlist for every item tagged #errand or #shopping

Hope that sparks some ideas for you!