Smart list question

My lists

  • Daily repeat

    • 09:00 gym
    • 12:00 check server
    • 18:00 clean room
  • Inbox(no dated)

    • mission 1
    • mission 2
  • Scheduled

    • today 13:00 meeting
    • tomorrow 13:00 shopping

What I want

  • now time is todays 11:00
  • I need a smart list like upcoming, but exclude finished daily repeat tasks. If the finished daily task(due to tomorrow) be checked by mistake, it will go next day, and hard to move back.
  • daily repeat task of today(unchecked) + due task in 2 days + other tasks
  • It's similar to "today" tab, but "today" is a manual task, can I do it more "smart"?

I've tried

  • Select all list
  • Filter: "scheduled today" or "undated"
  • But this will miss the dated tasks that not in today list, like "scheduled/ meeting in tomorrow", I need it.

How to?

  • I've tried use a smart list to import an other smart list, but can not do that.
  • Please tell me how should I do.

Hi @EriKoo, thanks for the feedback.

You can't merge smart lists. But in your case, it seems like you might be able to do the job by following below.

  • (Scheduled : Today - AND(1) - Recurring) - OR (3) - (Scheduled: Within 2 days - AND(2) - Not Recurring) - OR (4) - Undated


Thanks for reply, I'll try it.