Smart List Reset


Hello, hoping someone here will know what’s gone on and how to fix it. After installing the macOS version, all my smart lists reverted to identical settings to include all lists and calendars (everything now shows everything basically) and my list arrangement was completely changed. Is there a way to get back all the smart lists and setting I had from my phone before installing the Mac version?


Hi @Matt_Hendrickson, thanks for using GoodTask. Do you have 'Automatic Preferences Sync' turned on on all devices? Normally if you install Mac version, settings from iPhone should come in.

If something has gone wrong, you may turn it off and then turn it back on. You'll be able to choose from downloading from the cloud or 'Use Current' to upload current settings. If the data in cloud is overwritten, it can't be restored.



Thanks! Turning it off on Mac, manually setting everything back to the way it was, backing up sync setting to iCloud on the phone, then turning sync back on in the Mac app worked! After further inspection it seems that what happened was all the smart list filters were changed to show all reminders lists, so everything was showing up everywhere. No other settings were changed on the smart lists. Not sure what caused that, but thank you once again for the excellent app support! Truly the best developer support experience I’ve seen!

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