Smart list showing all lists after empty days update

I have a smart list that is filtered to show only lists associated with shopping locations we frequent. After the 7.1 update, it's showing every reminder list I have (including the ones excluded in the smart list settings) as empty lists (see image):

The smart list sort option is a custom sort of list order -> priority -> manual sort, but it still shows all the blank lists that should be excluded from the smart list. Changing to different sort options doesn't seem to affect this.

I would love to keep the "show empty days" option on since it greatly improves the view for my other productivity-oriented smart lists; I just can't for the lift of me figure out why this is doing this. Not sure if it's a setting I'm missing somewhere or what, but after messing with it for a while and help is greatly appreciated!

Hi @Matt_Hendrickson, thanks for the feedback. With 7.1 update, you either show all empty sections or use it like before. Settings are in 'Settings - General - List View'. If you check 'Show Empty Sections' off, it'll hide those empty lists on that list.

I see that you might want to have this option per list basis. I'll keep that in the list to consider.