Smart list with tasks without tag?


Hi y'all, I'm experimenting a bit with having only one list and instead using tags to sort the tasks and my question is now if there is a way to create a smart list with tasks without a tag? My plan was to use that list as an "inbox" and basically all tasks that I enter with Siri would end up there. Then I could sort them later into the right tag. Thanks :slight_smile:

Edit: with one list I mean one list from ios reminders. Of course I'm going to have several smart lists :slight_smile:


Hi @BoEast, you can simply tap 'Include' button on text filter and it'll change to 'Exclude'. You need to make one for each tags but using those filters will get the job done for you.



That is really awesome! I feared it wouldn't be possible. Thanks! :slight_smile:


hmmm, I made 3 filters with each tag excluded (with the "or" option) but they still show up in the list. I'm using the letter Q as my tag (it's available on my iphone keyboard without having to press shift), like Qprivate and Qwork. What could I be doing wrong?

Edit: it worked with the "And" setting instead of "Or". My logical thinking escaped me :slight_smile: If it would have been ONE filter it should have been "or" :slight_smile: . I think :slight_smile:


I always get confused too. :slight_smile: