Smart Lists


I am in the midst of restructuring my GoodTask layout to hopefully make it more useful. I have switched to just two key lists, work and personal and am doing everything else through smart lists. I'm curious of what smart lists people find most useful. Currently I have ones like:

Waiting on... and Discuss With... both sorted by tag

I am also working of ones based on time/energy on the order of quick, focused and deep dive, but I haven't quite worked out the right setup for those yet.

Finally I have Upcoming for scheduled tasks. I had several but by switching the view from day to week, etc. to allow me to have just one.


Hi @denrael, personally I use below lists the most.

  • Focus list : Tasks that have @focus tag and overdue+today tasks (within 1 day filter).
  • Priority based : Month view with sort options by priority for some lists
  • Recent : 10 tasks that's been made recently. I didn't think this list would be helpful but I forget things frequently and whenever I do, I keep on visiting this list. :sweat_smile:

Also I frequently look 'All Lists' list on day, week and month views. I have other few lists that's sorted by tags to keep on track for some things too. :slight_smile:


Thanks, I especially like the focus tag. I've tried to automate it, but sometimes the simple is better. Scanning all by day/week/month also makes a lot of sense and is a good time to consider what to flag as focus.