Snoozing Task without Permantly Changing Alert Time


Whenever I snooze a recurring task it will snooze the task as expected but once the task has been completed the next instance of the task will not have the alert time I originally set. The alert time will have been changed to the snoozed time.

Is this intended? If it is is there a way I can snooze a task, and have a notification sent again, without changing the alert time for the next recurrence of the task?


Hi @jdbishop, thanks for the feedback. How do you snooze alert? If you're using the basic one from the notifications, it should not affect next task. Check if you have latest version installed too.



I have taken a screenshot of the page showing version info, the task, and a short video of what happens when I snooze a task. I had some difficulty uploading the video here so I put it on imgur. Hopefully this is helpful.


Thanks for detail info. Normally if you snooze on notification, it won't affect next task but if you go into details like on the video after snoozing, difference will be saved and will affect next task.

I hope it made sense. Thanks!


But this also occurs when I snooze the task, compete it and then look at the task. It will still show an altered alert time.


It seems like there is a bug. I'll check and will fix it on next update. Thanks!


Thank you for taking the time to help!