So many issues

Just grabed iPad app (latest as of today) and running into issues.

  1. The app crashes frequently... just sitting in the app or when switching way and going back to the app.

  2. Sub tasks in reminders do not show in GT. not there. Just the parent. (I can access all this information now in shortcuts as of late, so it shouldn’t be a problem with GT I’m thinking?

  3. Open list. Bulk. Edit. Move to another list. Appears to have done it. But then the other list doesn’t show them. Then the original list has them again. In reminders nothing has moved.

  4. Created smart list, show all completed. Bulk. Select all. Delete. They go away then minutes later... they all are back.

That’s it so far but the between the crashing and actions taken that do not seem to work (deleting and moving) makes this not a very useable app.

Hi @ravedog, thanks for the feedback.

  1. I'll check the reports. If you can reproduce it in certain actions, please share it with detail to

  2. Subtasks in Reminders data is not shared by Apple. It shows as other plain tasks in GoodTask. I've requested Apple for improvement and I'm keeping an eye on its changes.

  3. Changing list of tasks in shared list is currently not working properly. It's a bug in iOS and has been requested for a fix.

  4. If you're seeing issues on completed tasks, please run 'Settings - Advanced - Delete local cache'.