Some tasks not syncing between Reminders/GoodTask for IOS and MacOS

There is something not right in the syncing between GoodTask and Reminders across both IOS and macOS.

As an example, when I go to tick off a recurring daily reminder in GoodTask on my Mac, it will then sync with Reminders also on my Mac. So both apps on the Mac show that the daily reminder is now due tomorrow. This is all fine.

So a few hours later, I get a notification on my iPhone to say that this reminder is now due so when I check Reminders on IOS, the reminder is still there as 'due for today'. So it has not synced.

So, therefore, I go to tick off this unsynced daily reminder in Reminders on IOS but it then registers as a further tick off on GoodTask and Reminders on my Mac so the reminder has now been pushed back another day.

So I then have to go into GoodTask on my Mac and untick the reminder so that it brings it back to being due tomorrow.

This is not happening for one specific daily reminder; it happens for many different reminders.

I have turned off Reminders on IOS and also signed out of iCloud on my iPhone, but the issue keeps happening.

Any suggestions please?

Hi @pauiwilky76, thanks for the feedback.

First thing to check is if the underlying data is properly syncing or not. To do that, you should check default Reminders app first.

After you've done actions on Mac, if possibly wrong notification run on iPhone, check Reminders app on iPhone to see if data is properly synced.

If it is, database in GoodTask is not refreshed. This should be resolved by using 'Background App Refresh' in most cases.

If it's not synced, you may want to try force syncing when it's needed by using 'Refresh' in GoodTask. By doing this or going into Reminders app, it'll trigger sync much better afterwards.

If this is not your case or the issue continues, please let me know. Thanks!

Many thanks for your reply.

I have tried lots of things over the weekend, including logging in and out of iCloud and disabling and re-enabling Reminders on both my iPhone and Mac.

Unfortunately, this is still happening.

I just cleared a recurring task on GoodTask on my Mac and it has synced on GoodTask iOS and Reminders on Mac and It isn't syncing on iOS Reminders.....

I am going to stop using GoodTask (for clearing tasks) for a few days to see if this is an iCloud issue.

Hmm, seems weird that iOS Reminders app and GoodTask doesn't match since it should see the same data source. Please let me know how it went. You may send me some screenshots to Thanks!