Sort Options

My app likes to revert back to a prior sort order.

How do I stop this from happening?

Hi @1Myrtle, thanks for the feedback.

Would you give me some more details? Do you use Sort Options per smart list? Is the default Sort Options changing? Do you use Automatic Preferences Sync on multiple devices?



I am getting this issue too - I have 50+ lists and like to keep them in the same order across my different devices (two Macs, iPad, iPhone). However, the order is not 'sticking' - when I launch Goodtask it forgets the manual order of my lists.

Hi @jpodcaster, thanks for reaching out. It seems like you're talking about order of 'Lists' not sort options.

Lists are saved in settings and it's synced through iCloud Drive with files.

First on your Mac, open Finder and go into 'iCloud Drive/GoodTask/Settings' and see if lists.plist file is there.

You can also check inside the app's Preferences - Sync. On that page, it'll show you which device and time the file has been created.

If it's not there or the data is not the one you're expecting, click 'Upload' to change it with the data on your Mac.

After that, go to iPhone app and check 'Settings - iCloud Sync'. If it's not automatically changed, tap 'Download' to sync the data.