Sorting by tags includes all empty tags on ios (but not on mac)

I've set up a list which I wish to sort by tags. This was working well...until I woke up this morning. Now, on ios, the list shows all the tags I've got. On mac, it continues to show each of the tags that has associated tasks, as well as "no tag", but not the "empty" tags - i.e. those which have no associated task in this list. This is exactly what I want it to do, and exactly what both mac and ios did until today.

The list settings for both ios and mac are identical - sort order, default view, list of tags, etc.

My default app settings for "edit tags" is automatic. For the list, it was not set to automatic, either on mac or ios. I changed it to automatic, but all that did was remove the tags from the list (they remained on the individual tasks). I changed it back from automatic, and recreated the tags in "edit tags" on the mac app and re-ordered them as I wanted them. This added them back to both ios and mac, but didn't solve the issue of having all the empty tags displayed.

On both mac and ios, the "edit tags" for this list shows the full list of tags - but in the list view, or the day view, only ios is showing all the "empty" tags. I don't want to remove all the other tags in "edit tags", as I might want to use some of those for future tasks on this list.

I've tried various sort options. No matter what I choose, I get all the empty tags displayed on ios, but not on mac.

All was working well on both mac and ios yesterday. The only change between yesterday and today is that I downloaded the latest version of the ios app. So is it something in that update (and if so, please change it back!) or am I just missing something blindingly obvious?

Hi @bbpie, thanks for the feedback. The latest 7.1 update added a feature you've mentioned. Check below post and blog article.

You can turn it off inside 'Settings - General - List View' if you want it to behave like before. Thanks!

Well duh me. When I figured out that it might be update-related, I guess I should have thought of reading the update notes.

I'd kinda half-noticed the future recurring tasks thing too.

Turned both off now, they don't suit my way of working, so thank you for making them optional.