Start Date/Time Reminder

It would be great to have a reminder for start dates/times instead of only for due dates/times. My due date reminders are actually for when I need to start something, not when I plan to have it completed. So then duration would use the start date/time to arrive at the completion time as opposed to the other way around. Otherwise, this app is great!


Hi Mariam, thanks for the feedback. You sure have a point here about start dates. Since start date is optional and not used in default Reminders app, lots of things are focused on due date rather than start date. I'll keep your suggestion on the list and will see what I can do on later updates. Thanks!

I really want this feature. It's the one thing that troubles me in an otherwise brilliant app. You could implement is as 'Start Date', 'Due Date', 'End Date', and do end date like you did start date - as an optional feature, and as just an extra date that extends the duration of the task forwards rather than backwards. Every task I have done with this app has needed a reminder to be at the start of the task. Please look into implementing this. I have bought your app on iOS and MacOS and use it every day. This is my only issue with it, but it's a big one.


Hi @rtik, thanks for the feedback. I do have this in mind a lot of time. (very complicated :exploding_head:)

It's been set current way to fit the Reminders system but I'll try to improve this later on to match more diverse users' needs. :slight_smile:

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Iā€™d love this feature as well!!!

Hi, I have purchased both iOS and Mac versions of GoodTask and it is a great product, but I have the same request the original poster has. It has been 2 years and no news on that front. Is there a chance this will be implemented. It really is the only thing missing from this app. Alternatively, is there a work around? I am still learning the interface. I have only been using it for 2 weeks, but is has made my productivity so much better.

Well, I should have read further.I found a post about start and end dates and it works brilliantly. Thanks.


Can you link me the post you found?