Start dates and board view


I like this app.

I like the board view too. One thing that I find unhelpful : the "date" board view only deals with "due" dates. Consider if I have the board to show me today, tomorrow, the next day, and then "later". If I have a task that has a start date of today (Monday) and a due date of Wednesday, I want to see it in the column for today in normal highlighting, as well as see it highlighted in red on Wednesday.

Having it like this enables use of the date board view as a real plan board. I hope you can implement this (perhaps as an option in the settings).

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Thanks for the feedback. I’ll keep it on the list to consider. Thanks!

Agree, I'd really like to see tasks assigned to boards based on their start date (or on today’s board, if the task has already started) instead of the due date. That way everything I can do today appears before the things I can't start until tomorrow.