Start / end day doesn’t work

I can’t recieve start and end day notifications anymore on my iPhone. However, today page settings seam to be corectly set up.

Can you help me please?
Thank you.

Hi @Siam_madi, thanks for the feedback. Would you turn them off and then set it back on and see how it goes? Thanks!

I did it, but nothing happened…

Hi @Siam_madi,

does other notifications work? Would you check default Settings app - Notifications - GoodTask?

Also check inside 'GoodTask - Settings - Today Page - Notifications'.


Yes, other notifications does work perfectly.

Hmm, I've checked and tested and it works well. Would you share your 'Settings - Today Page' screenshot?

Also if today page has not started, end notification will not run. And if it's already started or ended, starting notification will not run.


Ok! I didn’t know today page notifications was depending of today tasks status. Now I understand why I wasn’t recieving notifications automatically.

Thank you for your belp.

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