Stopping links

Is there a way to stop the app from creating a link to URLs and phone numbers if put in the notes field of a task?

For example I created a new note with an account number (8 digits) in the notes field and it is now a box showing a link to make a call.

Thanks for a superb app.

Hi @mcgst, thanks for the feedback.

You can turn off rich link preview by following below order.

  • Go into Settings - Appearance - Task Display
  • Select 'Task Display' option you're using on the list ('Default' if you didn't change anything)
  • Check off 'Link' at the very bottom

You can set this for each 'Task Display' option and use it as you want for each smart list.

If you want to remove phone number links only, go into Settings - Advanced and check ‘Ignore Phone Numbers’.


Many thanks for that and sorry, I should have seen the phone setting in advanced.

I guess it would be nice to have a link in the tack which is tappable, but not shown in the task when in a list. At the moment it is either a big or small preview which can dominate a list or no tappable link at all when in the task itself.

Seriously though, this is a superb app!

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You can turn it off too. You'll see the option. :slight_smile:

In that case, you can always tap it inside the task at the bottom. Thanks!

Oh sorry, good point. It's all exactly as I want now. The only thing that would be good (and it is very picky!) is if there was a way to manage Maps links so that they do not dominate the task view in this scenario.

I'll keep it in the list to consider. :slight_smile: