Subtask errors

I need some help with two subtasks issues.

First, when I hit enter on a subtask, e.g., “Task 1”, it disappears. It is not listed. Then, when hit enter on “Task 2”, that one disappears, but “Task 1” appears. When I hit enter on “Task 3”, Task 1 disappears and Task 2 shows up. Then when I type in Task 4, Task 3 shows up but Task is still missing.

The second issue is completing tasks. I select the button to complete the task. The task momentarily grays, then the button becomes unselected and the task ungrayed. If I hit it a second time, it stays grey.

This is the Mac desktop app v7.6.5


Hi @randalfippinger, thanks for using GoodTask.

Would you try after restarting the device? If the issue persists, please share screen recordings to


Rebooting seems to have helped. Thanks

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