Subtask issue--The subtask is not the same as on ios/macos

  1. the subtasks created from ios/macos reminder show as normal tasks(no indentation for subtasks and the order maybe different) which are not convenient to identify

  2. and the subtasks created from GoodTask show as remarks of the main task in ios/macos, therefore you can't assign reminder to each subtask

Is there anyway to solve this issue?

hi @jet, thanks for using GoodTask.

Subtasks that's supported in default Reminders app is not supported directly as subtasks in GoodTask.

Apple's Reminders app does not give info about subtasks and GoodTask just shows them like other tasks.

Subtasks in GoodTask is a different thing which saves text in notes field.

I'll keep an eye on it to see if there's anything I can do.


Thank you for your quick response and explanation
This app is very a lot of time
Hope this app getting better&better


Has there been any progress with this? It would be extremely helpful, for most people I’m sure.

In lieu of this, adding the ability to assign due dates and notifications to sub tasks would be helpful also.

BTW…. This is a great app, so luck to have stumbled across it. I struggled with both Things3 & Sorted for a very long time, but was frustrated with the lack of support for native IOS reminders.

I use this for simple project management, and it’s worked out so well so far.

Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately the subtask info in Reminders is still not opened. You may send feedback to Apple to give them a nudge too. Thanks!

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Anything improve with this now with iOS 16?


No, not yet. :cry:

Hope it gets opened up.

Anything improve with this now?

Hi @Eva. Nothing at the moment. :cry:

What a pity! I thought the subtask info in Reminders may opened on iOS 17 :cry:
Anyway, thanks for your reply!

Anything new in the iOS 18 beta that might give us true subtask support?

Not that I’m aware of. :sob: