Subtask URLs

I’m really loving the feature of dragging tasks on others to add them as a subtask. This would be even more helpful to me if URLs linked in the original task could be added into the subtask. I wouldn’t even need an active clickable link. Even just the URL beside the subtask name would be helpful.

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I'll keep it on the list to consider. Thanks!

I support this idea. Sometimes I really need to have clickable links in subtasks.

For example:
Task: Buy gifts for the new year
• Buy the toys for my children (https://... link to the item in online store)
• Buy the painting for my friend (https://... link to the item in online store)
• etc
When I complete the first subtask with a link, then I see the link of the second subtask in the task, etc — this would be a really useful feature. And more, when you have the iOS widget with such tasks, you also have a button (>) near the task that allows you to follow the link from the Home Screen. It would be cool if, as you cross out subtasks, the links would change in the widget. And I hope you'll add this in the near future. Thanks!

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Thanks for the feedback. Currently links on subtasks are shown as action items like when in notes or title. There could be some glitches or slow refreshes. I'll check and will improve it.

Also links in completed subtasks are visible at the moment. I'll keep the feedback on the list to consider. Thanks!