Subtasks disappear

Today I updated to v. 7.3.1 on Mac OS Ventura 13.0. I added four subtasks to a recurring task. I checked off two and all four disappeared. I added the subtasks again, and they disappeared again. Please help.

Would you share screen recordings to Thanks!

@GoodTask I just installed GoodTask a couple days ago, and I added some subtasks to a task yesterday. When I check it today, the subtasks have disappeared and only the note is remaining (I also checked in the Apple Reminders app). Is there any way to recover the subtasks I added to this task?

Hi @golddove, thanks for the feedback. I’m not sure if I’m remembering properly but it was either macOS issue (updating to latest version fixes the issue) or some other app altering Reminders database.

There is no direct way to revert data other than undoing inside the app after the action.

If you can check how to reproduce the issue, please let me know.