Subtasks on shared lists


Hi. My husband and I have a shared list where he uses the native Apple Reminders program and I use GoodTask. It's been working fine for us until we started adding subtasks. On Reminders, the subtasks looked like this, with URLs included in the URL field.


But in GoodTask, it came up as 3 new full tasks, and URLs are not included in any of them:



When trying to go the other direction (entering the subtasks in Goodtask), it came up with the old bracket [subtask] in Reminders.

Is there a way for us to sync these subtasks fully on the shared lists? Thanks.


Hi @Fuchsia, thanks for using GoodTask.

Unfortunately iOS Reminders' default subtasks are not opened to use in 3rd party apps. GoodTask can read it but it only behaves like other tasks.

Also URL field that the new Reminders app uses is not opened to the public. I'm trying to figure out if there is a way to read it but couldn't find out yet.

I'll try to improve it on later updates when it gets possible. Thanks!


That makes sense. Thanks for keeping it in mind and for all the helpful ongoing updates :slight_smile: