Subtasks seem not to be detected in notes field


I am on my way to migrate from Android to iOS for the Phones. I do have nextcloud in place to sync my tasks over all devices and it seems like GoodTask can handle the tasks and subtasks coming from Nextcloud (Synced via iOS Reminders).
According to your Documentation Subtasks are saved in notes Field:
[ ] Task 1 : Active Subtask
[x] Task 2 : Completed Subtask

As far as I can see the Tasks coming from Nextcloud Tasks are using the same Format, However GoodTasks are not showing those as Subtasks but within the notes Field (see attached screenshot). If I create a Subtasks using GoodTasks it gets shown as Subtask on Android - that works perfectly. But unfortunatelly not the other way round.

Is this a Bug in GoodTasks? Or is the format slightly different? Or do I have mistaken the GoodTasks Documentation?

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I did just see that Nextcloud Tasks adds a "- " in Front of the [] or [x] - which most likely breaks the parsing in GoodTasks? Would it be possible to integrate that format in your app as well? (So that your app can Deal with subtasks coming from Nextcloud Tasks). That would be wonderful!
It is very hard to find an app that Displayes the Nextcloud Tasks (subtasks), yours did come the Closest but still does not work ever so slightly

Thanks for the feedback. As you said, the format is different which makes it not compatible. I'll keep your feedback on the list to consider. Thanks!

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Hi there,
there seems to be a gap in the market for a tasks app with nextcloud connection AND subtask support.

Background: We have been using Nextcloud intensively on Android devices with various Android apps (Tasks or aCalTasks+) for years. A colleague now wants to connect to his Apple devices, but there just doesn't seem to be a solution that doesn't flatten the subtask structure.

Consider having a quick win with big impact here if you adjust your parsing a bit....


Hello, I found this app as Im searching for a replacement to the default iOS reminder app since it doesnt support sub-tasks at all. I just tested it with my nextcloud caldav and I got the same problem that the tasks dont sync with nextcloud tasks..

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Hi @Ano99, thanks for reaching out.

I'll take another look. Thanks!