Subtasks visibility in repeating task - something has changed and I don't like it

On Mac, when I check off a subtask in a recurring task, the subtask disappears. It reappears as part of the rescheduled task when the whole task is completed, but until then, there's no way to see it or "un-do" it in the current task.

On ios, the subtask just shows as checked off - and this was the way it worked on Mac until - well, I just noticed it, but I know that a few days ago, the subtask remained visible. Thus I could see what parts of a task had been completed and/or mark them as incomplete again.

Is this something that has been changed in a new release, or have I inadvertently changed a setting somewhere, or...?

Under subtasks, you’ll see a circle which shows/hides completed subtasks which works similar to the button that shows/hides completed tasks.


I should have finished my coffee (and maybe had some more) before posting. So simple, and I missed it. I'm even aware of the button at the top of each list that does exactly that for the whole list and I still missed it. Thank you for your quick response and your tolerance of my dopiness.

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