Suggestion: Add refresh widget option to Shortcuts automation

Hello guys, I’m sure many of you who used the widgets in this amazing app have noticed that sometimes when you update events from other apps (eg. calendar), the GoodTask widget won’t reflect it immediately because there’s a “budget” for widget refreshes coded in by Apple. However, if you open the GoodTask app manually, it’ll refresh by itself.

So the other day I was fiddling with automations and realised that there’s an automation that allows you to run a certain function each time you open an app you commonly use (messages/WhatsApp/TikTok whatever). I was wondering wouldn’t it be great if we could have a GoodTask widget refresh function in shortcuts menu so that whenever we open those apps we use regularly, automations will refresh our GoodTask widgets to provide the most updated info all the time?

So far the only options for GoodTask I can find are things like Creating/Deleting Tasks etc (see attached pic). I would really like to have a widget refresh function there. Pretty please?

Sounds like a good idea. I’ll need to check the details. Thanks!

Wonderful! Thanks and I love using your app