SUGGESTION: colour code or stack month view


I think it would be helpful in a few situations to be able to colour code, or stack, or use icons in the month and week view.

I am currently using/trying an app called momentum to do habit tracking. Unfortunately it hasn’t been updated in two years, so is probably dead. The feature I like about it and use it the ability to quickly track habits for today, and previous days in the week. Sometimes I won’t be using or around my devices, so it’s nice to be able to keep logs without scrolling through multiple days.

I think there is potential for GoodTask to do a similar type of tracking, what is missing is a way to distinguish the tasks. I have a list with all of my repeating tasks, and although I can use week or month view to see when they were done, I can’t tell from the calendar which were done when. If I could colour code the tasks, or have them stack with some text on the calendar, or have different symbols, I could distinguish them in the calendar view. Obviously I can do something similar if I creat a few dozen categories, but not ideal.

TDLR; Have a way to distinguish tasks in calendar view to identify which were done when in the past.


Thanks for great suggestion. :slight_smile: