Suggestion: Copy task to event

As the title says... an option to copy a task into a calendar event.

Subject = Subject
Due time = event start time
Alert = Event reminder
Subtasks = add to notes
Calendar = default with user input


Thanks for the feedback. I'll keep it on the list to consider. :slight_smile:

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Hey! Any new on that?

Am I still avoiding my todo list? Shamelessly so!

Not sure if you're on iOS or macOS. If you're on iOS, I just cobbled together a quick shortcut to have a go at this.

It's a little messy, and querying Reminders still takes longer than I'd like, but this might just serve while you're waiting for an update. Looks like Shortcuts can't access a reminder's alert, so we can't set an alert automatically.

Once installed, this should appear in your share sheet. Tap the "..." icon in the top right hand corner of a GoodTask reminder's card, then share, and select this shortcut from there.

If you're on macOS, there's probably a way to do something like this via AppleScript? Of course, this may be rendered redundant by something that's already being worked on in the app...

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Loving it! I'm gonna check it and edit with feedback. Just to know, why you use search callback instead of open task?

Search vs open: either could work, but since this is based on the name of the reminder rather than a unique ID, it's not impossible that someone might have tasks with the same name (e.g. templated projects with the same steps, or generic tasks like "shopping"), so I opted for search just to be safe.

Update! Went back and tried this shortcut again myself, and it turns out a little adjustment I'd made before posting it may have prevented it from working as it should. Turns out that a "Show Compose Sheet" setting in the final calendar action step wasn't being invoked properly (Shortcuts can be so counterintuitive sometimes— do we really have to ask for input before the sheet is invoked, even if you check the switch to say you want to see the sheet? Tsk!). I've updated the shortcut that's linked above, so if it wasn't working for you before, try it again and let me know.