Suggestion: create reminder from Apple Notes (link)


GT is an excellent focus for managing tasks. Eg I can send mail to GT as a reminder to follow up or action by a date. But I cannot send an Apple Note to GT in the same way (as link). I CAN do it in Apple Reminders which links to the note, but the GT auto imported version does not.
Having this facility in GT would enhance its usability I think. Could it be added?
(There are cumbersome slow work arounds involving Notes in the web but are not worth the bother).


Thanks for the feedback. I can't assure you at the moment but we'll have to see how next version gets released. :slight_smile:



I don't think there's an elegant way of doing this because of limitations in Apple's APIs.

One possibility is to use the Add People button, then use the "Copy Link" option and paste the URL into the notes field in GT.

The other option which I think you already discovered is to share the note to Reminders. The Note link won't appear in GT so you'd have to use the "Open in Reminders" button and follow the link from there.* * Edit: actually GT does show the link in the latest version! (see below) :clap:


... but I’d missed the ‘Open in Reminders” button route. Thanks, that’s a workable work around, I only need to tag them as a way of seeing in GT that they are from Apple Notes.
So my workflow to create a Task in GoodTask that ‘links’ to Apple Notes on my iPad:

  1. With Apple Note open use Siri command “Remind me about this” (creates a new item in Reminders with direct link to open the Note)
  2. Task automatically appears in GoodTask in my default Inbox folder (but without link)
  3. As with all my inbox tasks, I amend due date / folder / and tags, this case I use #AppleNotes.
  4. When required / due simply Open in Reminders and click link to open the Note.

On current version, you should see link to Notes app at the bottom of the task (iOS only). If you make a task via Siri or Reminders share sheet, it'll appear. :slight_smile:


Yeah! Excellent. Thanks.


This is big to me. I used to have to use Apple Reminders if I sent an email to track but now I can get to the URL from GoodTask.

Nice job!

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Even better for me, since in Apples Reminders app those links were actually invisible to Voiceover, and I couldn't follow them at all. At least they were the last time I looked: Suppose I should check again.

On the other hand, now Goodtask can do it natively and I can use them, so why bother? :slight_smile:

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