Suggestion: custom location quick actions


I can only add a quick action that uses my current location. I’d like to be able to define custom locations (home, work, grocery store) so I can make quick actions for those locations.


You can add other locations but they need to be created as a favorite first I believe. I have multiple quick actions for different locations.


Ahhh, I saw the UI for adding a location but didn’t know how to change it. Long pressing on the map changes the location, but it’s not obvious. Also no way to just type in an address to get a location.


You can search with the eyeglass icon in the top right and should be able to search by specific address.


Thanks @kennonb for the answers! :smiley:

You can tap '+' button to add current selected location as favorites. These 'Favorited' locations can be used as 'Quick Actions' and filters on 'Smart Lists'.

Thanks! :slight_smile: