[Suggestion] Direct Exchange Sync

iOS sync to exchange sucks, plain and simple. It takes a long time for the tasks to update.

All apps that support direct sync perform far better.

How hard would it be to add direct Exchange sync to GT ? Given how widespread Exchange is, especially in the workplace, this would be a great feature for any task manager. iOS or not.

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Thanks for the suggestion. It's not an easy one. I'll keep it on the list to consider though. Thanks!

I agree that iOS sync to exchange sucks and it would be VERY helpful to sync directly to exchange. As more and more task programs try to expand their share it would be helpful if goodtask were able to two-way sync with numerous platforms including google and serve as a sort-of central aggregator of tasks. For example, I use planner and outlook for work, iOS for personal tasks, and it would be helpful to also use google from within gmail.

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