Suggestion for MacOS widget in Sonoma

Hi there! I have a suggestion for a layout for a widget on MacOS (that I would also love to have on iOS, by the way). It's a wide widget, using the width for text so no columns. It can be small or double in height, depending on the amount of things you want to see. Its other features are already in the widget, like choosing the list and the way it is presented (like 'list').

Would it be possible to change the letter size? The header font size in the Goodtask widget seems a little too big for the available space, and compared to the sizes used by the default calendar widget that's just above Goodtask.

Hi @Infamuze, thanks for the feedback.

You can turn on ‘One column’ option to show tasks in a column. It seems like you missed a screenshot? You can send me one to if you have one.

I’ll keep your feedback about the font size. Thanks!

Hi, of course you’re so right and it also works on the large widget when the calendar is off. Can’t believe I missed it. Keep up the great work!