Suggestion: Option to view only current tasks


If you don't mind me mentioning...

I used a task app called DOO. What I liked about it was that the task reminder remained blank until the moment the task was due. There was no overcrowded collection of upcoming tasks.

The problem with DOO is that you could not sync it with Apple Reminders.

So, I really love what GoodTask does, but is it possible to give a view option where only due tasks show up and the others remain hidden until their time?

Thanks for consideration


Hi @NJRonbo, thanks for using GoodTask.

You may make a new smart list with 'Filter : Scheduled : Today'.

Check 'Hide : Later Tasks' and it should work as you want. Thanks!


Having a little bit of trouble with this.

I did create a new smart list. I was able to set it up exactly as you suggested.

However, when I create a new task it goes into my default iCloud account task list instead of the new smart list. It may have something to do with the icon I selected, but those are not clearly explained.

Is there a way I can just edit my iCloud task list so it only lists today's events? That would be the best option but I don't see a way to do it when I right click and edit that account.


Hi @NJRonbo,

GoodTask's main database is from default Reminders app. Reminders lists used in GoodTask is identical to the one from Reminders.

Smart lists are lists with filters that gathers items from these Reminders lists.

So, you can't make a task that's only in a smart list. You make a task on Reminders lists and it shows in various smart lists you make.

Hope it made sense. Thanks!


You guys are great with the amount of support you provide.

So, if I understand this correctly...

All tasks get made under your iCloud account (reminders)

However, for display purposes, you use your smart filter which if set up the way you have instructed will only show today's events and hide all the others until they are due.

Is that correct?


Yes, that's correct. You can check out videos on Youtube below for more help. Thanks!


Got it working. It works BEAUTIFULLY.

I just uninstalled DOO.

Thank you for sticking with me and providing exceptional customer support. Love your app!

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