Suggestion: Tags / Subtasks


I was really hoping for a proper Tag Management and got kind of disappointed. There's nothing that speaks against #hashtags in the reminder's notes … but it could be displayed much better. For example, a dedicated "Tags" section in the reminder details. And, of course, I want auto-complete once I type the hashtag #.

This would really improve GoodTask over the Reminders App.

The second topic is the handling of subtasks. Apple's original reminders App already knows Subtasks. Why isn't this handled the same way in Goodtask? Would help on switching apps.

Thank you

Hi @nat, thanks for the feedback.

I agree that it can be better. I'll keep it on the list to consider.

Subtasks info that Reminders uses is not opened to use for 3rd party developers. Info they give you doesn't let you distinguish if it's a subtask or not. When they open the info, I may consider supporting it.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

First: Thanks for the great App and the concept of integration with reminders sync (and therefore webdav)

I'm also missing a fast way to add tags. Autocompletion should be one way. An Quick Action opening a list of used Tags would be second way.

Thanks for your efforts and the continues development.

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