Suggestions from new comer

Sort by time in smart list

  • Calendar event is a single group. If I had a calendar event at 12:00, and some reminder tasks around this time, sort by time would be better. Also in widget.

Merge reminder & calendar

my usage

  • I use reminder to memo todo.
  • If I determine the start time, I will set a date/time.
  • And if this thing has a duration, or important I want search it later, I will move it to calendar.


  • I've write a shortcuts to move reminder to calendar.
    And I can enhance it to contain memo/location/etc.

  • But I think the better way is put all the data in on place, and just change the view of data.
    Task has no duration, so calendar maybe better. So all undated things log in reminder, and all dated in calendar. Just add a filter of view, to hide the task that just need few minutes.

Calendar view

  • Goodtask looks major at reminder, event not had a good calendar view.
  • In report tab, it's only list view (and full of my daily repeat tasks). I'm waiting a good calendar view (with filter options).

Goals tab

  • Take the 1st place of tab, looks very important. But actually, I do not understand how to use it. I want a customized tab bar.

Today tab

  • Raise a full screen card, and cover the tab bar. "Add" button is good, but how can I pickup a task I've wrote to today? Many operations.

Upcoming list

  • daily repeat tasks of today (unchecked).
  • undated things, I can bring them to today. (can be expand/ paged)
  • next N days task (excluded daily repeats), I can know what I will face tomorrow.

Thanks for the feedback.

You can merge calendars by changing option ‘Settings - Sort - Separate Calendar Events’ to off.

I’ll keep your feedback. Thanks!

That works! I misunderstood "separate", thanks for reply so soon.