Support favicons for reminders with tasks with urls grabbed from safari

The Sharing to reminders feature from safari gives the url and favicon based on the url. it seems that goodtask instead has a dedicated svg link icon instead. It would feel more native if goodtask would grab the icons from reminders app. is there a setting where we can just grab the used favicon that reminders is already grabbing from the internet? if not this is definitely a nice enhancement

Thanks for the feedback. Apple didn't update their API with the functions they add on Reminders app at the moment. You may give them a nudge by providing feedback on below website.

Let them know it'll be nice to open up API for Reminders app's new features. Thanks!

thank you for the quick response! i can see how implementing it oneself would become too buggy as well. yea, it seems that not even the online icloud reminders have these options so it must be built into the programs themselves.

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