Support for time zones

It would be great if GoodTask supported time zones and in particular floating time zones. When I travel, I’d like to be able to specify whether a task that occurs at time X in my home time zone should to occur at local time X when I travel (floating) or should occur at time X in my home time zone (fixed).

For instance, a reminder to do something right when I wake up should use a floating time zone (since I’ll wake up at the same local time each day), while a reminder to call my mom in the evening should continue to use my home time zone (since her schedule doesn’t change when I travel).

The current behavior (matching the reminders app) is that all time zones are fixed, so for instance if you have a task due every morning and you travel five hours west it’ll show as being due in the afternoon, which is often undesirable.

I believe, but I’m not sure, that Apple’s reminders system supports this even though the reminders app doesn’t expose a UI to set it.

Thanks for the feedback. Back in the past, there were timezone support but was removed due to unexpected behaviors on the database. I'll keep it on the list to consider. Thanks!