Support for travelers: floating time zones or bulk adjust times ±n hours


Could you add an option for alerts with floating time zones, or the ability to bulk adjust by ±n hours, for example change alerts -3 hours or +3 hours?

As someone who travels across time zones, I feel the pain every time I travel and my iOS reminder times stay stuck on my home time zone. Most of my reminders are based on local time, for example there's something I need to do at 9 AM every day no matter where I'm located, and if I travel +3 hours I don't want it to fire at 12 PM (or 6 AM if I travel -3 hours), which is what happens with the iOS defaults. There are dozens of threads on the Apple forums with hundreds of responses about the same issue, so there are plenty of other people who could use this feature.

The Todoist app has figured this out and defaults to floating time zone for alerts, with an option to specify a fixed time zone.

But I don't want to use Todoist, I want to stay with the iOS reminder platform, and I really like GoodTask, so hoping you can help :slight_smile:


Hi @NateK, thanks for the feedback. I'll keep it on the list to consider.

Meanwhile, you can use Quick Actions with Bulk Action (Top right 'More' button inside a list) to adjust tasks quickly.

Try adding +3 hours and -3 hours on quick actions and use it to adjust tasks when needed.

Thanks and Happy Holidays!


Awesome, the bulk action +3 hours is fantastic! It's a good workaround for now. Just became a supporter.

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+1 for this please.... I change timezones 5 times a month and have to tweak every todo.