Sync inconsistencies

I am having issues where the reminders list is not syncing completely with good tasks app. I can see in my today view, in reminders app, a reminder but it does not show up in goodtasks app.

Hi @arejay, thanks for the feedback.

Since 'Today Page' keeps data separately, it doesn't show that data is properly fetched in the app or not. Go out of 'Today Page' and select a list and see if data is shown there.

If not, please let me know. Thanks!

Still appears to be differences. I tried the list view of my family chores list. I used the list view from reminders app and good task app.

I am expecting all the tasks to show up on Dec 27. But some are on future dates which doesn’t match reminders app.

Thanks for the screenshots. Seems a bit weird. Are you using iCloud as Reminders database?

Normally subtasks in Reminders app doesn't show as subtasks in GoodTask.

Other than that, it seems weird for that 'Feed Daisy..' task. Please try below.

  • Restart the app
  • Go into 'Settings - Advanced - Delete Local Cache'

If the issue persists, please let me know if the changes in GoodTask sticks and reflects on Reminders app or not.


That did not resolve the problem.

I got notifications for the reminder from goodtask app, but it doesn’t show in list for today.

I deleted and reinstalled the app and this seemed to fix the problem. I will let you know if it happens again.

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This problem seems to be back.

I have a daily scheduled reminder that shows up in reminders, but only shows up a few days out in goodtask.

What diagnostic info do you need to troubleshoot?

Hmm, would you give me below info?

  • What database do you use to manage Reminders data? i.e iCloud/Exchange/etc.
  • How many tasks/lists do you have (approx.)?
  • How many completed tasks do you have (approx. You can check by long tapping 'All Lists')?

Also check if you have the latest version (6.3.5) and try 'Settings - Advanced - Delete Local Cache' and restart the app.


I use reminders database.

68 tasks across 10 lists

6053 completed tasks

I am unable to reset cache because trial period is over.

You seem to have lot of completed tasks but normally it shouldn't affect the normal usage. You can enter below URL on Safari and it'll extend your trial period for 3 more days.



Version 6.3.5
Was able to reset local cache. Didn’t fix problem.

Would you share more details on your issue with screenshots or screen recording to Thanks!

Just sent email with screen recording.