Sync Issues with Mac OS 11.4, IOS 14.6 and GoodTask 6.7.3

Hi there.

My tasks, completion marks and priorities are not syncing from IOS to the Mac OS app, everything's up to date and sync is checked in both apps.

Any help would be greatly appreciated



Hi @RobbieMcKane, thanks for using GoodTask.

If sync is not suddenly working, you may need to check below things.

  • First, open default Reminders app and see if data is properly shown there. If not, you may need to check your iCloud or account settings in default Settings app.
  • If data is properly syncing in Reminders app, try restarting GoodTask.
  • If recent data is not syncing on Reminders and GoodTask, it may be due to iCloud status. Try 'Refresh' inside GoodTask. (You can see it on more button on top right)


Thanks for your help - I'm finding that the Goodtask mobile app no longer syncs if the IOS reminders app is closed, only when it is open - this didn't use to be the case. I've tried everything else (including re-installing both apps) and this seems to be the reason for occasional sync lapses.

All the Best


In my case this is the case on my MacBook: Completion marks on my iOS devices do not sync to the MacBook, until I open the reminder app on the MaBook and wait for 1-3 minutes.

@GoodTask Is there any update to address this? It used to work great, but now I have to prompt to sync by cycling to the reminders app on my iPhone

Hi @RobbieMcKane, this seems to be a random issue and the operation is done by iOS under the hood so there is nothing I can do. You may try one of two below things.

  1. Restart the device.
  2. Reconnect iCloud Reminders in default Settings app

When I've encountered this issue (I only have on the Mac), opening Reminders app once mostly fixed it. I'm aware that this is not your case though. You may try out above 2 things and check how it goes.