Sync issues

Hi! I am having an issue with syncing smart lists between my iPhone and iPad. I have a smart list set up on my iPhone which is set to show all lists and specific calendars. I go into ‘Edit List’ on my iPhone and add the specific calendars I want to show up on the Smart List. When I go to the iPad, the same calendars do not show up, i.e., there are calendars missing. Please help me fix. Thanks.

Hi @wbw06180, thanks for using GoodTask.

GoodTask uses data from default Reminders and Calendars. Check Reminders and Calendars app on your devices and see if both have same Lists and Calendars.


Both devices have the same Lists and Calendars. On my iPhone, the smart list shows 17 calendars selected and all show up in the list. On my iPad, the smart list shows 17 calendars selected, but multiple calendars are missing from the smart list. The same smart list looks completely different on the two devices, even though iCloud Sync with Automatic Preferences Sync is turned on.

Do you see same Lists and Calendars on 'Settings - Lists & Calendars' page?

Yes, I see the same Lists and Calendars on 'Settings - Lists & Calendars' page. I will go in to ‘Edit List’ and pick specific calendars to show up in the Smart List. Following this, all selected calendars show up on that device (iPad). When I go to open the same Smart List on my other device (iPhone), there are calendars missing. It is as though the calendars selected on the first device are not syncing to the second device.

Hmm, that's weird. Would you go into 'Settings - Lists & Calendars - List Order' and check again in Edit List page?

The Lists from Reminders all appear to be syncing appropriately. The problem seems to be with syncing the specific calendars selected in the Smart List between devices.

Is there a way to delete the existing sync settings in iCloud Drive and start fresh?

If you can share the screenshot of the issue on both devices to it might be helpful for me to figure out the cause.

To start fresh, you can delete files in iCloud Drive/GoodTask/Settings folder and then re-install the app.


Is there any way to delete the files in the iCloud Drive/GoodTask/Settings folder to reset the sync settings without having to re-install the app? I have spent a good deal of time setting up all of the Smart Lists and preferences.

If you want to keep your local settings, you can simply choose 'Upload' with all the items under it checked. This will overwrite files in that folder so you don't need to delete it.