Sync Issues


Today I decided to migrate all of my 200+ Toodledo tasks manually into the Apple Reminders system using Goodtask on the Mac Mini. That was a long process but went well.

The issue I have is that I choose Preferences / Sync / Upload strange things appear to take place:

  1. The last synced date on the Mac does not change from 'Last Synced: 26/10/2019, 7:32 - iPhone
  2. If I untick Automatic preferences sync and then tick it again I get 'Data found. Do you want to download the below data? 30/102019 20:14' Which seems to show the data was synced (uploaded) properly.

If I assume that data was uploaded I get a similar issue on the iPhone when I try to download the data. I had to reconfigure the new smart lists on the phone which I'd created on the MAc.


Hi @Daron_Brewood, thanks for the feedback.

I agree that the text could be a bit confusing. Currently the text (Last synced date) only refreshes when it 'downloads' the cloud data. When it uploads, it's not updated.

If you use same account on both devices, it's much simpler if you keep the 'Auto Pref Sync' turned on and forget about it. If you like managing it manually, you can download and upload whenever it's needed.

I'll take a look and will change how text shows in future updates.



Thanks for that, it is appreciated.