Sync with Microsoft To Do

Hi Goodtasker,

I think GoodTask won't have the Win OS version as it is based on the Apple Reminder.

After two days of playing, I found out the Apple Reminder can sync with Ms To Do. Thus, it will be syncing to GoodTask.

It's good enough to streamline the workflow on the Desktop.

Here are the setup tips and hope that help for Windows and iOS user.

How to Sync with GoodTask

  • to install the Microsoft To-Do app
  • go to setting -> select the reminder -> add an account
  • to sign in to your Microsoft Outlook account and complete the steps
  • then it is able to sync the Apple Reminders and Goodtasks

How to add sub-task on Ms To Do

  • go to the note box section then input [ ]

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I would love to have the ability to sync these two apps. Can you please elaborate on how to do it? I have To Do downloaded, but I don't see anywhere that gives the option to connect the accounts. This would be awesome, hope to hear from ya.

Hi @Clonver, thanks for using GoodTask. You need to connect MS account in default settings app first. And then turn on Reminders for that account. Thanks!