Synchronisation with a shared iCloud list



I bought GoodTask for iOS and I'm testing it with the Mac app and everything seemed to be working fine till I added two reminder lists that are being shared with another iCloud user (also using Goodtask).

I'm the "owner" of booth lists and while the first one sync without any problems, and it seems to update in all devices from both users, when the second user tries to clear an item it just doesn't clear and appears again.

In the second list things are even more complicated and it is not syncing anything between users.

Is there any limitation regarding the use of shared iCloud reminders?


Hi @Paulo, thanks for using GoodTask. Normally shared lists work just like other lists. Would you cross check with default Reminders app? It should give a hint to how it's working. If something is going wrong, you may need to try on a new list. Thanks!


Thank you for the quick reply!

I finally found out what the problem was: The other user had two emails with different domains (@gmail, and @icloud). I was using the @gmail one and the user accepted the invite through email which ended up only "subscribing" the reminder list and not allowing editing. The list showed up in Reminders and Goodtask app but without any "privileges".

After adding the correct iCloud email the process was really smooth and everything was working after a minute.

Thank you for the reply since I was almost giving up the app thinking that it might not be compatible with shared lists. :grin:

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