Syncing and Badge Issues


I just purchased GoodTask 3 for Mac, iPad and iPhone.

I am having 2 small issues, the lists don't seem to sync between the devices (I have gone into iCloud sync and uploaded and then downloaded on another device) I am signed into the same iCloud account on all devices.

Also is it seems that the badge icon for notifications seems to always be there and it looks like it countdown until all your tasks are complete, I turned off the bardes for now but can it function like the default reminders app where it only show the badge when a task is due or overdue?

I am sure it is something i have done wrong.


Hi @brainbuzzstudios, thanks for using GoodTask.

  • Go into 'Settings - General - App Icon Badge' and select your preferred list and choose 'Default'. This will make it behave similar to Reminders app's badge.

  • Go into 'Settings - iCloud Sync' and check if 'Lists' are unchecked at the bottom. Check it to make lists related things sync.



Thank you for getting back to me so fast, I did as you said and I am getting the same behavior.
I added screenshots the settings and of the badge icons still showing up and of the settings of the sync.

Thank you again for your help!




On App Icon Badge page, go into 'Lists' and select the one you'd like to use. If it still behaves weirdly after that, please send me screenshot of the list you've selected. (Send me an email if you don't want to share the screen)



Ok we solved badge icon issue for iOS, thank you. I can't however get it to sync between iPhone, iPad and Mac


But to be fair the Reminders app on the mac is empty and the Reminders app on the iPad has 3 empty New Lists.


Hmm, you should get Reminders app to work first. Check ' - System Preferences - iCloud' and see if Reminders is properly checked.



On the Mac it looks correct


And it looks fine on the iPad as well. Just a note, all other iCloud services are working for me except Reminders


I also click Upload on the iPhone app, then backup and Upload to iCloud. Then on the iPad or Mac I download and it has the correct time etc.. and nothing happens


Since GoodTask uses data from Reminders app, you should make Reminders app work first.

Try opening Reminders on your Mac and see what's going on.


I did that, it is connected to icloud, same account as the iphone. It never updates. Same wifi network as well.


Try adding a new list or a task.

If it doesn't work, please show me a screenshot of Reminders app on the Mac. Thanks!