Syncing settings across devices

My tasks are syncing between devices just fine. However, the lists that I have inside of folders aren’t syncing. Automatic preference sync is on, and I downloaded the settings and restarted. But the folders and sequence of my lists on my iPhone isn’t syncing to my iPad.

Hi @Taskmaster2021, thanks for the feedback.

Do you have same accounts set on both devices? If so, you may want to check if 'Lists' is checked properly on 'Settings - iCloud Sync' page. After 'Upload' or automatic upload, date/time should be updated and shown under each item. If it's properly updated on other device, try 'Download'. If the file is not updated, check your iCloud settings and open Files app to see if files are properly syncing. If the file is updated but the data is not syncing on GoodTask, send me some detail info and screenshots to


I realized I never responded. This issue is moot, but I just asked another question on another open topic about list order syncing between iOS Reminders and GoodTask.