Syncing Settings between Mac, iPhone and iPad

Im an synching the settings of GoodTask between Mac, iPhone and iPad.

Since migrating to a new Mac, the manual sort order on my Mac (MacOS 11.2.3) is not synching with iPhone nor iPad.

I am using the newest GoodTask and OS versions on all devices.

Hi @TRq, thanks for the feedback. Try checking files in 'iCloud Drive/GoodTask/Settings' folder. Check if those files are synced properly on new device. Thanks!

Well, I do not know what "sync properly" means:


Propably the same cause:

  • Task checked as "done" on iPhone are still open in my Mac
  • Task on Microsoft "Task in Planer and To Do" / Microsoft "To Do" do not change their due date when changed on iPhone. Hence the due date of the task on my Mac does not change either. I have to open Microsoft "To Do" so that the due date of the task is being changed at Microsoft, my iPhone and my iPad. But it does not change on Mac.
  • Tasks are synced by OS itself through Reminders database. You may cross check with Reminders app if it's not syncing.
  • Preferences and GoodTask only features such as manual sort orders are synced through iCloud Drive files which is shown on your screenshot. You may want to check if it's showing same date with other device. (Or check cloud icon)


Looks like, deactivating Reminders in Apple-ID/iCloud-Settings on Mac did the trick for the task not syncing "done" between devices. Also, the manual sort order syncs now. Thanks.

However, still having trouble with the tasks from Microsoft "Task in Planer and To Do" / Microsoft "To Do" app. Opened a new thread for this.