Syncing with tasks from Teams (Microsoft 365 Eco System)

One of the reasons, I installed GoodTask a long time ago, was its ability to integrate Apples Reminder (iPhone, iPad) and Microsoft Tasks on Microsoft Exchange Servers / Outlook.

Then, I switched from Microsoft Windows to Apple MacOS (should have done this much earlier!). Now, we have migrated to Microsoft 365 with Office, Teams, etc. (which works quite well under MacOS, iOS and iPadOS).

Using the collaboration app Microsoft Teams, we define team tasks. I need to sync the tasks Microsoft eco system with GoodTask on Mac, iPhone and iPad (I am insisting on using only a single task planer)). I thought, the Teams plug-in "Task in Planer and To Do" may do the trick.

Hence, I have integrated my new Exchange account for Microsoft 365 on my iPad, iPhone and Mac.

Looks like,

... tasks defined with the Teams plug-in "Task in Planer and To Do" reside in a database connected with Microsoft Planner. These tasks don't seem to synced with GoodTask at all.

... tasks that GoodTask sync with the Microsoft Exchange Server are the tasks connected with Microsoft Top Do. However, they don't seem to update: When changing the due date of the task on the iPhone or iPad, it does not update on my Mac. Only, when I open the Microsoft ToDo App, it updates the due date there on the Microsoft Plattform. But still, it does not update it on my Mac.

Anyone any idea how to solve this?

This more a comment than a solution (sorry). Sounds like another example of Microsoft products not talking to each other as they should.

I was using both Microsoft To Do (which I quite liked) and GoodTask for a while, before I dropped To Do. Reminders provided the link between the two, Reminders syncing with the Exchange server, which in turn synced seamlessly with Good Task. (Outlook Tasks also worked with this because Outlook and To Do do talk to each other. It was a bit clumsy but it did work, though updates were slow at times. However it sounds like you're unfortunately needing an additional steps of linking Teams to To Do and to Microsoft Planner which, given they are both part of the 365 suite, should be seamless too – but as is the nature of Microsoft it isn't so easy.

One thought: GoodTask and Apple Reminders are essentially using the same database (I believe), so if you can get Teams to work nicely with Reminders (perhaps not via To Do?) you might be closer to a solution. That probably doesn't help with the Planner problem though.