Tag Sort Option


When you select 'Tag' as one of Sort Options, tasks will be sorted by specified tags.

  • You need to specify exact tags on 'Sort Options' page to sort with tags. Select 'Edit: Tags' to manage them.
  • With those selected tags, sort options will look for them and sort them.
  • These tags run separately for 'Default' sort options and sort options for each lists. Which means that you can have #a, #b tags sort options by default and have #c, #d tags sort options for 'Inbox' list for example.

While editing tags, you can remove all at once or bring all tags from Quick Actions or Smart Lists you're using.


Is there a way to include "no tag" as part of the sort order of the tags when sorting by tag? I would like tasks with no tag to appear at the top, but at the moment it will sort all the tasks with tags first and leave the ones without a tag on the bottom.


Hi @atebeta, thanks for the feedback. Currently you can't move 'No Tags' on the top. I'll keep it on the list to consider. Thanks!