Tag Sort Option


When you select 'Tag' as one of Sort Options, tasks will be sorted by specified tags.

  • You need to specify exact tags on 'Sort Options' page to sort with tags. Select 'Edit: Tags' to manage them.
  • With those selected tags, sort options will look for them and sort them.
  • These tags run separately for 'Default' sort options and sort options for each lists. Which means that you can have #a, #b tags sort options by default and have #c, #d tags sort options for 'Inbox' list for example.

While editing tags, you can remove all at once or bring all tags from Quick Actions or Smart Lists you're using.

Newbie questions

Is there a way to include "no tag" as part of the sort order of the tags when sorting by tag? I would like tasks with no tag to appear at the top, but at the moment it will sort all the tasks with tags first and leave the ones without a tag on the bottom.


Hi @atebeta, thanks for the feedback. Currently you can't move 'No Tags' on the top. I'll keep it on the list to consider. Thanks!


Greetings: Totally new to GoodTask and like the granularity of the program to carefully target cohorts of information is - exciting! I, however, am no power user despite wanting to act as such.

Anyhow, I have been trying to do a very simple list of calendar entries with TAG, having entered a TAG in recurring calendar dates note section ("#Paydayz" in my experiment) but I keep getting other calendar (mostly) entries with (Pay, Payday, anything with "Pay" in it).

Then I read the Tips above, getting encouraged; however, I neither find the "EXACT TAG" option in the List / Sort options page nor in the general Sort / Options page.

Then it occurred to me that perhaps it is because I have not unlocked the program. I just assumed that the trial had all the capabilities.

So, please help. I may be missing something, but I am determined to use GoodTask, and if I have to buy it to get the setting option, i certainly will.


Hey @Kosmos, thanks for trying out. Filters used on Smart Lists only apply to tasks and not calendar events.

To customize tags in sort options, you need to choose 'Tag' first to view the option 'Edit: Tags'. While tapping 'Edit: Tags', you can add or edit tags that you want to manage on that list.



I was going to write a post about this but write here instead. Please move it if it should be under Support.

I actually want it to be as it apparently was before; with the tag sorted first and the “no tag” at the bottom. So this is not possible now? :slight_smile:

( I have a #focus tag which i want to see on top and the scheduled tasks at the bottom.)



Hi @BoEast, currently it works as tags first and 'No Tags' at the bottom. Are you seeing something differently?


Yes. I have the sort order with tag first and then due date and I have only one tag in the sort list. No tags is on top.



This is a new bug introduced on 4.9. It'll be fixed on next update. :sweat_smile:

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I solved it by simply sorting them by due date as before, but with undated first. Since my #focus tag only appear on undated, this works fine. And I still keep the date sections. (If sorted by tags first, the dated tasks have no date sections)