Tagging process

I’m having some trouble with tagging. If I add tags via quick action, everything works fine—I can see tags sorted in lists just fine.

However, if I add a tag manually to a task (by typing, for example, #newtag in the note field), I don’t see the task sorted by this tag—the task remains in the “No Tags” category.

If I then add a tag to that same task via quick actions, the task is then sorted into that tag category, ignoring the first tag (e.g., the note now reads: #newtag #Home).

Is it not allowed to add tags manually to the notes field in this way?

EDIT: this only happens when manually typing “new” tags, tags I haven’t used before. If I type an existing tag (like #Home), it does sort the task. So, I guess the question is: how do I create new tags after I have added a new one to a task in the notes field?

Hi @derekvan, thanks for the feedback.

Since GoodTask uses tags with lots of flexibility (with any text, actually), tags that's used to sort need to be set manually.

If you don't put in directly, it'll get it automatically from

  • Smart List filters : Tags
  • Quick Actions : Tags & Switch
  • Tags in other lists' 'Sort Options'

So, just typing text in tasks wouldn't read it as tags to be sorted. Hope it made sense. Thanks!

Hi @GoodTask, I finally found a post that explained it well.

Now, following the thread of the tag process. What is the possibility that if the task comes from a workflow it will recognise it. It explains you quickly:

I use workflows for "Alfred" on MacOS, so in one quick move, I add tasks to "Inbox" with their respective tags and in my morning coffee I organise these tasks in their respective lists.

Normally the tags are best seen in notes (for that the setting in GoodTask), which is supposed to be activated and moved to notes if you manually write the task with its tag. So far so good. But what happens if the note comes automatically from another App or workflow, for example from Apple's own reminders. The written tags don't automatically go to notes, so the task title looks ugly and long.

At the moment I have set up the tags to be in the title so everything works, but I would like to see if there is any chance that they will be activated and recognise it if they are not typed in manually.

Thank you very much.

Hi @miltonardila, thanks for the feedback.

Tag will be recognized whether it's in title or notes. 'Tag on' option will work while adding a tag inside GoodTask.

Hope it made sense. Thanks!

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