Tags & Quick Actions

I am not sure what I did, or didn’t do?

I used to be able to use a quick action to add multiple tags and it would show all tags for all lists and I could add multiple tags to a task.

Now each list only has a partial list of tags, and not only is it partial, it usually doesn’t show ones that would be used in that list.

Also, settings/sort tags no longer shows all tags in the system.

Any help would be great,

I had to manually put them all back. I am not sure how they got removed?

Edit #2:
After completely rebuilding tags, limited tags are showing up in quick actions again.

Thanks for the feedback.

Do you use ‘Automatic’ for tags? You can set up general settings inside ‘Settings - Sort, Tags - Edit: Tags’ or set it up for each list by editing the list.

Normally Automatic option fetches tags from Smart list filters, quick actions and other tag settings.

If something is not working as expected, please share some details including screenshots to contact@hahaint.com


Thanks for the help. I wasn’t aware that each list could have automatic or assigned tags. I believe I have it all sorted now.