Task date jump error

Hi, hello! I bought this app two days ago. I just want to display the calendar and reminders at the same time. Through in-depth learning, I was surprised by the filtering perspective function of the application.

But I don't understand why calendar events are separate from reminder events. I don't know how to display them on the same day on the interface, instead of sliding to the bottom to find calendar events. In the month view, I clicked on the date of the calendar event. The task list below has not moved to the corresponding calendar event and remains unchanged. The task list below will jump only when I click the task date with a reminder.

I don't know why. I hope that calendar events can be treated like reminder events. Reminder events have a large operational dimension. You can add different types of attachments, open the corresponding attachments directly in the file, or open the corresponding tasks in the reminder. I really want to know how this is implemented. Do you use URLscheme? How is it implemented? If you use URLscheme, I want to know how it is encoded, so that I can add the files in the memo or file directly to goodta through the link. Sk, this will be very convenient and will not take up space. For calendar events, I hope to support diversified and free functions, such as reminder events. For example, in the reminder task, I can copy the goodtask task URLscheme and insert it into my diary notes, which is good, but the calendar event is not supported, which is sad.

Finally, I hope that the author can continue to develop the task so that more people can see its excellence.

Hi @Alexanderx, thanks for the feedback.

You can go into 'Settings - Sort' and change option 'Separate calendar events' to Off and it'll be shown together with tasks.

Tasks (reminders) are much more powerful compared to calendar events since it's the main part of the app's system as task manager. Features such as attachments are handled in 'iCloud Drive/GoodTask' folder so if you're tech savvy, you can check that folder to see how things work.

I'll keep your feedback on the list to consider. Thanks!